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RL031 UNGERER Tension Leveller

Ungerer 1

Complete tension leveler

Currently in production for stainless steel strips.

Max coil width: 300mm

Coil thickness range: 0.03mm ~ 0.8mm

Coil weight: 3 ton

Tension force: 15Ton

Yield: 400 N/mm2

Rough leveler Ungerer (new in 1980): 4 x 4rolls

Precision leveler: Ungerer (new in 1980): 11 x 12 rolls

Uncoiler(30 kW), Recoiler, Gear reducers and electrical are new in 2010 (Korean make)

Hydraulics – DC motor 15kW, 1750 rpm, 440V, 38A, 2007 (Sae Kee 2007)

Direction: Right to Left

Line speed: 60 MPM

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