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ME224 Bright Annealing Line



Width 550mm Continues Type Stainless Steel Bright Annealing Line
(installed in Febuary 2003 : Shimdo (Korea)

General Specifications
Type : Continuous Bright Annealing
Material : Stainless Steels (Common Use SUS 304)
Thickness : 0.2 ~ 2.5mm
Coil Width : Max. 550mm (Normal 0.9t x 450W)
Production Capacity : 1,300 Ton/Month (0.9t x 450w - SUS 304)
Line Speed : 2 ~ 50mpm
Coil Outer Dia : Max. ¢1650mm
Coil Inner Dia : Max. ¢508mm
Max. Coil Weight : 8,000kg

Vertical Type Stainless Bright Annealing Furnace
Effect Size : 200W x 700L x 10950H(based on internal) Material : SUS 310S x 12t(10t, 8t) + 25 x 6t reinforced Cooling Chamber : 10set

Furnace Specifications Type : Continuous rolling oil degreasing Burner capacity : 360,000kcal/hr (45,000kcal x 8 units) Fuel : L.N.G

Uncoiler Capacity : Max. 8000kg Drum Size : ¢400 x 508 x 600w

Shear M/C Size : 600mm Capacity : 2.5t x 550w

Spot Welder Capacity : 20kw

Bridle Roll Size : ¢500 x 600L

EPC Roll Size : ¢430 x 600L Center : Control Unit. Sensor

Recoiler & Coil car Capacity : 8000kg Coil : I.D 508 x O.D 1650

Hydraulic Unit Use Press : 100kg/㎟

Electric Part MCC Panel : 1set Control Panel : 2set Heat Control Panel : 1set

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