Steelworks Equipment

MH193 350 000 TPY Merchant Bar Mill


Product range:

Equal Angles from 20x20 to 80x80 mm Unequal Angles from 40x20 to 80x40 mm Flats width from 20 to 120 thickness from 5 to 25 mm Round and square bars from 14 to 40 mm

Plant components:

Walking beam furnace Stein Heurtey 100 t/h feed stock 140x140mmx18m Construction year 1982

Continuous mill:

3 Stands Moeller Neumann (2 horizontal and 1 vertical) 450kW
rolls: barrel 850mm diam. 520mm neck 260 mm Construction year 1982

4 Stands Demag (horizontal) 450kW
rolls: barrel 1000mm diam. 480mm neck 270 mm Construction year 1962

5 Stands Demag (horizontal) 800kW (2 gearboxes)
rolls: barrel 900mm diam. 390mm neck 220 mm Construction year 1962

1 Stand Danieli (vertical) 600kW
rolls: barrel 600mm diam. 380mm neck 200 mm Construction year 1962

8 Stands Demag (5 horizontal and 3 vertical) 600 kW
rolls: barrel 600mm diam. 360mm neck 200 mm Construction year 1962

Max rolling speed 12m/s

Between the stands as visible in the layout are located 5 shear, namely

1 shear Moeller-Neumann 250T max section 127x127mm Construction year 1982

1 shear Moeller-Neumann 100T max section 80x80mm Construction year 1982 2 shear Demag SS1 and SS2 Construction year 1982

1 shear Pomini M1 PWS max section 30 mm Construction year 1990

Cooling bed Pomini 102 m with water cooling Construction year 1990

Straightening machine Pomini Sutton M3 DRE multiline max speed 2m/s Construction year 1990

Flying shear Pomini M3 PKS max cutting speed 3 m/s Construction year 1990

2 Stacker and 2 Binding Machines Empilam 2 Chain transfer Empilam Construction year 1990

E.& O.E.

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