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MH187 INNOCENTI Hot Strip Mill

Hot strip mill

Hot Strip Mill i.e Pl -32-22, Sendzimir Planetary Hot Strip Mill designed by T.Sendzimir Incorporated Waterbury – USA built by INNOCENTI The length of the planetary mill bay 142.50 meters Width of the bay - 20.884 meters Quality material that can be rolled – Low, Medium and high carbon steel, 0.01 to 1.2% carbon Stainless steel AISI 304 grade Cr - .18% Ni - .08 % Special Steel C- 1.0% Cr – 1.5%

Maximum strip thickness from planetry --- 8 mm Minimum strip thickness from planetry ------ 1.65 mm Production rate ---- 2 m / min ----------22 tons per/hr The coils wt can be upto 3 MT length of the strip mill : 142.50 mtr Width of th Bay : 20.884

The Mill has a Walking Beam furnace capacity 15 MT/hr for Carbon steel 10 MT/hr for stainless steel Furnace Size: 10730 X 8300 MM Slab charging length 9 mtr max Type / Model burners: Wesman dual fuel oil burner sealed in type Model no : 5514-8A Suitable for furnace oil or Light Diesel Oil (L.D.O) No burners: 9 nos at discharge end Fuel: Light Diesel Oil (L.D.O) Mordenised in 1998 with PLC drives. Available with all work and back up rolls. 50 HP Motors D.C Drive - 2 nos

1250 HP Motors D.C drive - 1 nos Coiler and Coil Car Planetry and Planishing Mill Rotary Crop Shear 65 HP motors- 2 nos

Flow of material 1.Charging roller tables - a.17 rolls with supporting structure. b.Slab Charging Device with hydrolic power pack , lifting and pusher clyinders c.Discard and roller tables with 8 nos rolls and supporting structure

2.Walking Beam Furnace 3.Conveyor table - 36 mtrs 4.Pulpit with X-Ray deviation Meter 6.Edging Mill 7.Water De-sclaer 8.Planetry Mill - with back up roll spares a. Palnetry Sets - 4 sets 9.Planishing Mill - with sufficent back up roll spares a.Planishing Sets - 3 sets b.Feed Roll I - 1 Set c.Fees Roll II - 2 Sets Work Rolls - 75 Dia - 100 Nos approx Planishing rolls - 620 Dia approx- 4 nos 10.Rotary Shear 11.Coiler 12 Ventilation System 13 Electricals

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