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MC054 Demag 4 Hi Cold Rolling Mill



Parameters of the strip which can be rolled: Width : 100-430 mm Thickness : 0,2-3,5 mm Coil inside Ø : 500 mm Coil outside Ø : 1000-1550 mm Coil’s weight : max. 5500 kg

Comprising: - Horizontal movable unwinding, driven by hydraulic strip inlet roll - Hydraulic serving car for coil dispatch - Draw-out, swaying strip guide with passage rolls - Entrance table with erasing, side rolls - Roll-stand- rolls and equipments - Erasing - Thickness measuring - Exit rolls - Winder equipment - Hydraulic serving car for coil doffing - Low pressure, hydraulic supply unit - Control desks: coil dispatcher, auxiliary desk, main desk - Switch cupboards

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