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FC013 CHUGAIRO Bell type Annealing Furnaces

FC013 CHUGAIRO Bell type Annealing Furnace


Bell type Nitrogen Annealing Furnaces Direct fire type (Bell type) Annealing Furnace (installed in between 1989~1991) Manufacturer: Chugairo (Japan) Comprising:

24 unit of work base RC Fan Motor: 40kw4P440V, 24 units Base Cooling Fan: 11kw4P440V, 3 units Loading: 33Ton/Base Dia: 1,750mm Annealing temp: 800℃(Max)

22 unit of inner cover (2010 * 3140h): 22 units, SUS304

12 unit of heating cover (3400 * 4330h): 12 units Air Blower: 5.5kw2P440V Gas Burner: 8 units/Cover, 16.000Kcal/Hr(1unit)

4 unit of cooling cover (2185 * 3945h): 4 units Air Blower: 1.5kw4P440V, 4 units/Cover

Control system to run the whole furnaces. Complete one unit of Gas generator, filter and supply system (97% of nitrogen and 3 – 5% of hydrogen)

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