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MORGARDSHAMMAR, R213V Rotary Flying Shear

Flying Shear for bar and rods REF SH095


Make : Morgardshammar Model : R-213V Cutting Power : 16 tons, adequate for 1.60in. max square bars of 0.5% carbon steel at 800°C Cutting Interval : Minimum, approx. 2 secs between cuts Bar Speed : Normally 400-2000f.p.m. Motor : ASEA LD17, approx. 4kW, 950 – 2500rpm M132M38, approx. 7.5kW 1500rpm or similar DC and AC motors respectively Lubrication : Built in oil circulating pump. Dimension : Length (inc. switch pipe) 100in. Width 52” Height to cutting line approx 26” Weight : Approx. 2.5 tons, excluding motor.


For dividing bars into cooling bed lengths, and for cropping the head and tail ends of wire rod at an early stage during rolling, Morgardshammar developed Shear R213. This shear has been delivered with most of the rolling mill installations made by Morgardshammar, and has also been supplied as auxiliary equipment to other mills.

The cutting head comprises a cast steel crank-shaped body with 2 cutting discs fitted onto shafts. A motor, mounted on the top of the body, drives the discs by means of V-belts through gearing inside the body. The head is swung +/- 40° relative to the direction of the bar by a double acting air cylinder. During cutting, the discs rotate at a constant speed, pre-set to suit the speed of the bar and at a certain angle to the direction of the bar. After the cut the cutting head turns through 80° and is then ready to cut again.

Cutting lengths are adjusted by means of a time delay.

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